High Calibre.

Calibre is one of the country’s most respected names in men's fashion. With three outlets in Brisbane, the leading Australian-owned brand has evolved over the past 28 years and proudly proclaims to provide the best fit at the best price.

From their signature well-tailored casual garments, through to exquisitely made, sharp suiting, Calibre’s range is a cut above. Places Magazine sat down with Calibre’s Queensland Sales Manager, Sean Hayes, to discuss what the best-dressed guy will be wearing this season, and gathered some tips every man should follow to enhance their wardrobe.

Is it true what they say about clothes “making the man”?

Of course! We should all aim to be the best in everything we do, including how we dress and present ourselves to the world.

Who is wearing Calibre?

Gentlemen looking for high quality and perfect detailing. Our range is limited edition, however we provide fashion that can be worn daily, or at special occasion events. 

Do Brisbane guys appreciate high end fashion?

We have an amazing customer base here in Brisbane. While there is a market for fast fashion, smart buyers know that durable key pieces that look amazing are ahead of the rest and will always look better!

A number of Place agents are advocates of the Calibre label. How important is the way they dress to their profession in real estate?

Looking great and feeling great is priceless for any prestigious role or career. Those agents are always well dressed and always looking amazing!

What is the simplest thing a guy can do to improve his wardrobe?

Find clothes that fit. All clothes, casual through to formal and even footwear need to fit you well. Clothes should always make you look and feel better. If they don’t, you need to come and try our current range!

What items should every guy have in his wardrobe?

Every guy should own an up-to-date clean white shirt, and shoes that are interview worthy. And always with a matching belt!


With the spring racing carnival in full swing, fashion is in the news. What should the well-dressed man about town be wearing to the track this season?

Stand out and have fun with limited edition accessories! And be prepared - know the flower of the day and always wear socks for entry. Fashion is really all about playing with textures and patterns, so be confident and focus on the details.

Do you have any tips for dressing around the office?

Always aim to be the best dressed. Make it your signature. Get your friends and colleagues into it. You will be surprised the effect compliments and different peoples reactions will do to your confidence!

What’s the best way to stay up to date with the latest fashion styles?

Follow us! This season is not over as we head into holiday, party and summer modes! Check out our collection and limited regular releases coming in monthly over summer. It’s all to wear now and right through to 2017.

The Beach People

The Beach People are makers of luxe seaside essentials, designed to bring bliss to your sea adventures. Based in the Northern Rivers of NSW, the company was founded in the summer of 2013 by Victoria Beattie and her sister Emma. Places Magazine caught up with Victoria to learn more about The Beach People, and how the company has grown to a community of like minded sea lovers around the globe.

What’s it like starting a business with your sister? 

It’s been the most wonderful journey. Em and I were best friends before we started the business and were hesitant to go into business at the risk of damaging that relationship. However, from the very beginning it was evident that we worked really well together. Emma is incredibly creative and I am more methodical, it’s been a great combo. I think we have both also loved celebrating the highs and getting through the lows together. 

You grew up in Brisbane but moved to Kingscliff a few years ago. Was the sea change the inspiration behind The Beach People? 

Absolutely. We grew up on Mowbray Terrace in East Brisbane. I remember when South Bank was built and when the CityCats started, ha! Emma was actually born on the Gold Coast and the majority of our family live around the coast. I think it was inevitable that we would move back to the coast at some time. We thought that with the sea change we wouldn’t have the opportunity in business that being in a big city would bring, but it hasn’t been the case. We have been able to build this incredible team and business living two minutes from the beach.


Are your products only for people who live by the beach? 

The Beach People products are inspired by the sea but are for all sea lovers, no matter where you live, it’s really for anyone that loves our aesthetic. We have stores selling our products from Alaska to Osaka and everywhere in-between. I think the people that buy our products love nice things but are still adventurous. It’s an understated luxury - not pretentious at all. It’s for everyone to enjoy. 

What has been the biggest achievement so far? 

I think success for us is remaining happily married and raising happy children. Business is so up and down so we find it’s best not to let the highs or the lows rule you. We try not to focus on the achievements too much. For me, I would say seeing our team grow, it’s such a privilege to be surrounded by incredibly talented, hard working people. Em always says that seeing people out and about using our products is a highlight for her. 

Some other career highlights would be collaborating with Net-A-Porter, being stocked in Bergdorf Goodmans, Bloomingdales and Selfridges and seeing people love what we do. 

How would you describe your style? 

Relaxed, ready for adventure, slightly bohemian and understated. 

What are the biggest challenges you have had to overcome? 

I’m incredibly organised and everyday the business throws something out of the blue at you, that’s been a challenge for me. I think it’s also been challenging growing a global business from Australia. We now deal in over 40 different countries which involves multiple entities, tax structures, currencies, time zones, cultures, legalities and the list goes on… it’s not all palm trees and sunshine that’s for sure! 

Can people find you on social media? 

We love social media, it’s the best way to connect with like-minded sea lovers from all around the world and share what we love. It’s so fun and a huge part of our business. 

What’s on the horizon for The Beach People in 2017? 

I am very excited to be able to finally talk about our new Bath Collection which launches in the next month. We are working around the clock on some amazing new product categories beyond the beach for The Beach People, so that’s exciting!